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Your White Ribbon Day Action Kits

These tool kits were developed to support people who have made a commitment to bring about real change this White Ribbon Day. You’ll find a range of ideas to host meaningful events in your community, workplace and school, along with tips to reach your fundraising goals.



School and University

To get you going

We created White Ribbon Day resources to help you spread the world before, during and even after your event. Discover more resources on your online dashboard after you register your White Ribbon Day event.

Spread the word

But this is not it! Once you register for your event, you will access an exclusive list of resources to help you through your fundraising journey and the day of your activity, such as social media images, pre-written emails, conversation starters, and fundraising tips. Register today and discover these gems in your online resource dashboard.

Email Signature

Use our email signature banner to share your support for White Ribbon Day.



Show your support and use our White Ribbon Day screensaver/zoom call background.



Put up posters all over your community. Use a full page, or fill your details in our ’emptybelly’ poster


Outdoor Banner

Hosting your event outside? Show your support with a large outdoor banner.


Social Media Tiles

Share these images on your social media to show your support and participation to White Ribbon Day 2022.


Educational Resources

We created the Digital BarberShop resource page to educate men and boys about violence prevention and the role they can play. Visit the hub and download educational resources to use during and after your White Ribbon Day event.

From September this year, Barbers around Australia are encouraged to provide free haircuts to men willing to listen to ways they can become better bystanders or address violence in their communities.