White Ribbon Deadlift Competition Fundraiser

By Chris McGeary Join Me

We are running Female only Deadlift competition to help raise money for white ribbon.

Entry fee: $10 for every competitor, extra $5 to enter a team in the group event..


·         Female only: winners based on Wilks score, prizes for 1st , 2nd , 3rd,  3 lifts each with a option for 4th if it’s a new pb. 4th rep only counts for personal achievement now in comp numbers.

·         Couples comp, must be a partner, husband , boy friend, or direct family member, prize for 1st

·         Girl Group of 4 people: must be registered as a group prior to the day, uniforms encouraged, prize for 1st,

Event Information

Sunday 21st July 10:00 - 15:00

Impact strength and fitness

Ticket Price: $10

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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Well done Chris, great effort by yourself and everyone involved


Tash Giles

Amazing event! Inspirational to see all those strong women and men getting behind you!


Amici Restaurant

Nice work! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


James Brownsworth


Codey Barnett

All paid to a great cause.


Carlie Dicello

Well done for org advising such an amazing event. Look forward to the next one!


Liz Walker


Natasha Giles


Dianne Webber

Great job


Stevie And Vele Reece

Great cause Chris. This will be a lot of fun!


Bec Brockie

For Maddy and I 👍


Anita Finn


Kelly Greenslade

Great cause happy to be part of it. Team PBE! From Paul’s Body Engineering.


Michelle Popham


Remy Bramary

Lightweight Babey


Murphy-may Francis

Light weight babeh x2


Alannah Grimm


Serenity Meredith


Brooke Favier


Laura Descy

I was talking to Jake thus morning i think he was going to add me to the 3 girls for a team ?? If not im in anyway 🙌🙌🙌😉😉


Alannah Grimm

Tom Hewitt (Alannah's +1)


Ally Fairweather


Anna Doneman



Team Simm


Ash Hofman


Clare Anker




Georgia Pereira

Lift big!