White Ribbon Day is Friday, 19 November 2021!

Men’s violence against women is an ongoing epidemic in Australia and, sadly, the COVID pandemic has made the situation worse; lockdowns and social distancing have not only created a spike in violence, but also reduced the ability of victims to seek help.

To stop this, we need to change the attitudes and social norms that excuse or condone disrespect, sexual harassment and abuse. We all need to play our part – and we need men who know that they are a part of the solution to be equipped with the tools they need to make change in themselves, their communities and our society.

This White Ribbon Day our 2021 theme is ‘How Can Men Make Change?’ Learn, Give, Take Action’.

We’ll be asking those organising and attending White Ribbon Day events to commit to doing three things:

  • Learn: Access training and resources about gender inequality and violence.
  • Give: Donate to White Ribbon Australia or a host a fundraising event.
  • Take action: Become a White Ribbon Australia Community Partner, start a Community Action Group, or get your workplace White Ribbon Accredited.

What can you do right now?

Start planning your White Ribbon Day event using the White Ribbon Day Action Kits below to support you as you bring people together – in person or online – to discuss how men can make change and commit to action to end men’s violence against women.

Register your activity here when ready! You will find in your Resource Dashboard extra tools and resources to help you plan, promote and engage your supporters!

For more information, download your White Ribbon Day Action kit below.

The action kits will include:

  • Physical/virtual event ideas and tips
  • Social media tiles
  • An event checklist
  • Key messaging about violence against women and how to prevent it, and;
  • Templates and resources such as posters, media release, Instagram frame, banners, and more.

To our current fundraisers, thank you! We could not do it without you.

 Want to know more?

White Ribbon Day is your opportunity to bring people together – in person or online - to raise awareness and commit to action to prevent men’s violence against women.

White Ribbon Day events - whether a march, a morning tea, wearing a ribbon to work or a virtual gathering – are about more than talking about these issues - it’s a call to action, with resources to take into our everyday lives, communities and workplaces so that we can all keep making change towards women’s safety all throughout the year.

We asked you to put the elimination of violence against women firmly on the agenda in your community by organising a White Ribbon event  and invite people to join you in ongoing action. 

Learn more about White Ribbon Day and the ins-and-outs of getting involved.