White Ribbon Day is Friday, 20 November 2020.

White Ribbon Day is your opportunity to bring people together – in person or online - to raise awareness and commit to action to prevent men’s violence against women. In workplaces, schools and communities all over Australia, we’re asking you to stand up, speak out and act to end gendered violence.

It's time to put the elimination of violence against women firmly on the agenda in your community by organising a White Ribbon event - a march, meal, webinar, meeting or more - and invite people to join you in ongoing action. (Please adhere to appropriate COVID restrictions in your location)
Beyond awareness: what happens next?

Across Australia, we're initiating "Community Action Groups" -  like-minded people coming together to work within their community to prevent violence against women by developing community-led and designed responses to bring about change.

Your White Ribbon events will become a catalyst for the establishment of Community Action Groups in your communities. We will provide you with access to all the tools, materials and merchandise you will need to plan, promote and hold an event and engage those who attend to continue their commitment to change in the months and years ahead.

How you can get involved in White Ribbon Day 2020:

For more information, download your White Ribbon Day Action kit below.

The action kits will include:

  • Event and post-event ideas
  • Video suggestions, and instructions about how to create your own
  • Social media tiles and tips
  • An event checklist
  • Key messaging about violence against women and how to prevent it, and;
  • Templates and resources such as posters, media release, Instagram frame, banners, and more.

White Ribbon Day is coming soon!

 Want to know more?

Learn more about White Ribbon Day and the ins-and-outs of getting involved.