White Ribbon Australia - Event Terms and Conditions

We want to thank you for considering hosting an event and helping us creating a nation that respects women and is free from all forms of mens violence and abuse.

We want to make sure that your event is successful so we just have a few conditions for you to follow.  Please reach out to one of the White Ribbon Australia team members if you have any questions or comments. 

We can work together to make this event shine.

Events White Ribbon Australia cannot support

White Ribbon Australia is unable to support events and activities that we perceive to undermine White Ribbon Australia’s vision. These include but are not limited to:

• initiatives that position women as bearing responsibility for preventing men’s violence against them (including safety devices)
• artwork, products and activities involving the perceived objectification and manipulation of women or men (including calendars and shows)
• practices that use marketing techniques which contribute to gender inequality
• practices that sexually discriminate
• proceeds from the manufacture or sale of tobacco
• proceeds from gambling, such as casinos, corporate bookmakers and state-based pari-mutuel organisations
• practices that abuse and/or endanger Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
• plays, theatre productions, book endorsements and other written copy

Regarding movie nights: If you are holding a movie night to raise funds for White Ribbon Australia, you may only use the “In Support of White Ribbon Australia” logo if you:

  • make every effort to ensure the movie screened does not contain content which may be perceived to undermine White Ribbon Australia’s vision (including the movie promotions and marketing)
  • ensure the following wording is on all marketing materials produced: ‘Please note White Ribbon Australia does not endorse the specific movie chosen for this film night’.

Regarding plays, shows and theatre productions: White Ribbon Australia is unable to endorse or partner with theatre productions or plays where content is not known and where promotions, content or marketing may be perceived to undermine White Ribbon Australia’s vision. We may provide an “In Support of White Ribbon Australia” logo for plays and productions aligning with White Ribbon Australia’s core values and where an existing relationship is established through a White Ribbon Australia School, White Ribbon Australia Workplace, White Ribbon Australia Partner, White Ribbon Australia Community Partners.

Regarding martial arts and associated sports: White Ribbon Australia appreciates that individuals have different motivations for participation in sports including various martial arts (i.e. physical health benefits, enjoyment of the activity, or meeting new people etc). We acknowledge that formal sporting clubs and contests, including martial arts, have structures and rules for engagement including ensuring participant (male or female) consent to engage in the activity.
Whilst we are unable to “endorse” sporting activities, such as some self-defense classes, where promotions, content or marketing may be perceived to undermine White Ribbon Australia’s vision, we may accept and provide an ‘in support of’ logo for these activities when they align with White Ribbon Australia’s core values.

White Ribbon Australia event guidelines and legal regulations

1. Any event/activity/appeal is to be conducted in compliance with the law:
The Fundraiser agrees to comply with all relevant laws and regulations with respect to fundraising in Australia, including (but not limited to) State/Territory based fundraising laws and the Australian Consumer Law (set out in Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)), as well as the Fundraising Institute of Australia Code, and the Australian National Association of Advertisers Code of Ethics. If the Fundraiser undertakes fundraising outside Australia, the Fundraiser must comply with laws in the relevant jurisdiction(s). As a National charity registered with the ACNC, we are required to adhere to each State’s fundraising legislation – please review Fundraising Legislation information here.

2. Expenses and reporting: The cost of the event/activity should not exceed 40% of the total revenue raised, with the remaining 60% to be donated to WRA. The Fundraiser must keep complete and accurate records of income and expenditure in relation to the event/activity.
At the conclusion of the event/activity the Fundraiser shall provide to White Ribbon Australia a report setting out the following information:

  • the total amount raised for the benefit of White Ribbon Australia and the basis on which this amount has been calculated.
  • the amount transferred to White Ribbon Australia and the purposes to which the balance was applied; and
  • any other information about the conduct of the event/activity which White Ribbon Australia may request from time to time.


  • If tickets are sold for attendance at events and/or for raffles conducted by the Fundraiser as part of the event/activity, the Fundraiser must maintain records of the number of tickets sold, together with their cost and the gross income obtained during the course of the event/activity; and
  • If the Fundraiser will sell items by auction, the Fundraiser is to maintain records of the items to be auctioned at the event/activity including the contact details of the successful bidder of each item, and the successful bid amount.

3. Payments: The proceeds from fundraising events/activities/appeals carried out by the Fundraiser must be paid into the account of the Fundraiser. This income must be clearly identifiable in the banking and accounting records of the Fundraiser and in accordance with these conditions. The Fundraiser is to transfer the proceeds from fundraising carried out to White Ribbon Australia, within 7 days of receipt. The funds should be deposited though your fundraising page via the offline donations section within your event portal. If you require an alternate payment method please contact accounts@whiteribbon.org.au.

4. Receipts: All donors who donate $2 or more to the fundraising appeal are eligible to receive a tax-deductible receipt. The Fundraiser must collect contact information for all donors who donate $2 or more who want a tax-deductible receipt and provide that information to White Ribbon Australia as soon as practicable after collection. White Ribbon Australia will issue gift receipts directly to donors based on the information provided to White Ribbon Australia by the Fundraiser.

5. Use of White Ribbon Australia Logo: White Ribbon Australia grants the Fundraiser the right to use and reproduce White Ribbon Australia's name and the logo and marks of White Ribbon Australia (collectively referred to as White Ribbon Australia’s Marks) in its advertising and promotional material that relate or refer to the event/activity/appeal provided no modification is made to White Ribbon Australia’s Marks. Prior to publication, the Fundraiser must obtain White Ribbon Australia’s approval of publication samples of all material produced by or on behalf of the Fundraiser by emailing marketing@whiteribbon.org.au. This includes:

  • incorporating White Ribbon Australia’s name, White Ribbon Australia’s Marks or any other Intellectual Property owned by White Ribbon Australia; or
  • which in any way refer to or suggest a relationship between the Fundraiser and White Ribbon Australia, for written approval, to ensure compliance with White Ribbon Australia’s brand guidelines.

6. Supply of goods or services: If the Fundraiser conducts a fundraising appeal involving the supply of goods or services, records of the goods and services supplied must be maintained by the Fundraiser, which (in the case of goods for sale) must include the date and number of units purchased or manufactured, together with their cost, the date and number of units sold and the gross income obtained.

7. Inspection of books: The Fundraiser agrees to allow White Ribbon Australia to inspect, audit and make copies of any records of income and expenditure and other records relating to the conduct of the appeal. If White Ribbon Australia wishes to make such an inspection, it will be done during normal business hours and after giving the Fundraiser reasonable notice. If an audit reveals that money raised for the benefit of White Ribbon Australia has not been paid to White Ribbon Australia, the Fundraiser will promptly make up the deficiency and pay any costs incurred in the audit.

8. Indemnity: The Fundraiser agrees to indemnify White Ribbon Australia against damages, expenses, losses or liabilities suffered or incurred by White Ribbon Australia at any time as a result of the Fundraiser’s conduct of the event/activity/appeal.

9. Risk and Insurance: The Fundraiser is responsible for all risks in relation to the appeal it conducts. The Fundraiser agrees to effect workers compensation insurance, professional indemnity and product liability insurance, and any other type of insurance at an appropriate level of cover as would reasonably be expected for fundraising appeals of a similar nature.

10. Engagement of employees and/or contractors: The Fundraiser agrees that all employees and contractors engaged by the Fundraiser for the purposes of the appeal will be remunerated fairly and where relevant in accordance with applicable laws and industry-based awards.

11. Termination: This Authority will terminate once all monies raised by the appeal have been paid to White Ribbon Australia and all records of income and expenditure in relation to the appeal have been provided to White Ribbon Australia. White Ribbon Australia reserves the right to terminate this Authority and the appeal at any time by written notice to the Fundraiser, if White Ribbon Australia is of the opinion that:

  • the appeal is not being conducted lawfully;
  • the Fundraiser is in breach of the conditions set out in this Authority; or
  • allowing the event/activity/appeal to continue may damage the name, goodwill, reputation or interest of White Ribbon Australia.

12. Consequence of Termination: On expiration or termination of this Authority, the Fundraiser must:

  • cease to use White Ribbon Australia’s Marks;
  • cease to publish or distribute any material that refers to White Ribbon Australia and
  • immediately pay to White Ribbon Australia all amounts raised for the benefit of White Ribbon Australia during the event/activity/appeal.

13. Dispute Resolution: If White Ribbon Australia at its discretion chooses, a disputes committee will be convened consisting of one representative of each party and determine in accordance with the principles of natural justice any complaint from the public or any grievance expressed by person connected with either party in relation to the conduct of the appeal.

14. Variation: White Ribbon Australia may vary these conditions by written notice to the Fundraiser if this becomes necessary to:

a) ensure compliance with relevant laws;
b) ensure compliance with the conditions of this fundraising authority; and/or
c) amend the provisions in relation to the use of White Ribbon Australia’s Marks

White Ribbon Australia relies on donations and fundraising from corporate Australia and individuals in the community to continue our important work. Your financial support enables us to further develop our primary prevention programs and to strengthen and broaden the reach of our work to prevent of men’s violence against women – we truly appreciate your support.

Please complete the form to register your activity. If you are unsure if your activity is suitable or you would like to discuss how you can support White Ribbon Australia, please get in touch at events@whiteribbon.org.au.