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It's everybody's responsibility to help end violence against women. You can help by raising much needed funds for White Ribbon Australia’s important primary prevention work in schools, workplaces and communities around Australia.

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The Issue

Why you should get involved

Every woman has the right to live free from men's violence, and it is everyone’s responsibility to make it happen. To learn more about violence against women and the role we all play, complete our free eLearning course below.

2 in 5 

women had experienced violence since the age of 151


of male perpetrators of sexual violence were the victim's intimate partner2

1 in 3

women experienced physical violence since the age of 151

1. Australian Bureau of Statistics (2021-22), Personal Safety, Australia, ABS Website, accessed 23 February 2024.
2. Australian Bureau of Statistics (2021-22), Sexual violence, ABS Website, accessed 23 February 2024.

About White Ribbon Australia

What We Do

What is primary prevention

Primary prevention aims to stop the violence against women before it starts. It addresses the deep, underlying drivers behind violence.

What we advocate for

White Ribbon Australia advocates for changes at a government and policy level. We advocate for changes to make Australia a safer place for women.

How we make change

White Ribbon Australia runs primary prevention programs in schools, workplaces and communities across Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does White Ribbon Australia focus on violence perpetrated by men?

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In Australia, there is a misconception that domestic violence is committed by men and women equally, with 41% of respondents in the National Community Attitudes Survey answering as such3. In reality, most perpetrators of domestic violence are men. The use of violence by men is often more severe, with 80% of intimate partner homicides being committed by males4.

3. Coumarelos, C., Weeks, N., Bernstein, S., Roberts, N., Honey, N., Minter, K., & Carlisle, E. (2023). Attitudes matter: The 2021 National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS), Findings for Australia. (Research report 02/2023). ANROWS

4. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2018. Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia 2018. Cat. no. FDV 2. Canberra: AIHW.

What about violence against men?

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While both women and men experience family and domestic violence, it is a gendered issue that happens more often to women than to men. In the latest Personal Safety Survey, 1 in 4 women has experienced intimate partner violence, while 1 in 14 men had experienced intimate partner violence1.

1. Australian Bureau of Statistics (2021-22), Personal Safety, Australia, ABS Website, accessed 23 February 2024.

Where does the money go?

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Money raised through fundraising enables White Ribbon Australia to produce educational resources, run programs across Australia, carry out research to identify gaps in community knowledge about women's safety, and allows us to keep our eLearning free for the community.

Can I donate directly or do I need to start a fundraiser?

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You can absolutely donate directly! Head to our Give Now page and fill out the donation form. Both individuals and organisations can donate using that form.

How else can I get involved with White Ribbon Australia?

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White Ribbon Australia runs a range of programs and initiatives, including Workplace Accreditation, educational panels in schools, our Barber Shop learning resource hub, and Community Partner program. Head to our Get Involved page to find a program that suits you.