Whether it's by raising money as a team, by going through our Workplace Accreditation Program, or by signing up for workplace giving, workplaces can make an enormous difference in preventing violence against women.

Why workplaces?

Over 60% of women1 experiencing violence from a current partner are working.

With 1 in 4 women having experienced violence by an intimate partner since the age of 152, there's a high chance that a woman you work with has experienced, or will experience, violence.

We are asking all workplaces to show their support for ending violence against women by signing up to fundraise for White Ribbon Australia, organising workplace giving, or undertaking our Workplace Accreditation program.

1. Australian Bureau of Statistics (2017) Personal Safety Survey 2016, ABS cat. No. 49060
2. Australian Bureau of Statistics (2021-22), Personal Safety, Australia, ABS Website, accessed 23 February 2024.

Host a fundraiser

A workplace event help raise vital funds, while also team building and showing your committment to ending violence.

Sign up to workplace giving

Through Workplace Giving, employees can support us by nominating to make a regular donation through their pre-tax pay.

Join Workplace Accreditation

Workplace Accreditation provides support to help nurture a culture of respect, safety and equality.