White Ribbon Dinner

By Kyle Baulman Join Me

The LEADAS program at Amaroo school will be hosting our annual White Ribbon Dinner. These young men invite women in their lives they would like to honour, women they would like to make amends with, or women of standing in the community. The boys prepare the venue, cook a meal, serve their guests and clean up afterward. As well as being a great, fun event it also holds significant power in the building of relationships and the potential breaking down of stereotypes and gender-based barriers.
We are seeking a White Ribbon Ambassador or Advocate (ideally female) to come and present to the boys and their guests around the significance of White Ribbon, respect and culture. In previous years the presenter has shared their experiences of domestic violence which made a massive impact on the students, however, this was their choice and we certainly do not expect everyone to do the same.

Event Information

Thursday 21st November 07:00 - 08:00

135 Katherine Avenue, Amaroo ACT, Australia

Ticket Price: $0

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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