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Walk Everyday May is an event to help raise awareness and encourage people to reach out to victims and survivors of Family Violence.Family and domestic violence is the main reason women and children leave their homes in Australia (FaHCSIA 2008). There is a lot of misunderstanding about victims of Family Violence and they are often characterised as anti family but all they need is understanding and people to be there for them. Intimate partner violence is just one type of domestic violence and I am to bring awareness about family violence in my practice.

Walk Everyday May is event like 40 hour famine where you aim to do any amount of steps over 10,000 everyday in May and have sponsors to help encourage you to keep to your goal and to donate to the cause.
On the 31st of May participants are encouraged to throw their sponsors a party to thank their sponsors at the end of the event.

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Thursday 28th April 01:30

Richmond NSW, Australia

Ticket Price: $0

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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Walk Everyday May is going to be a Thing!

I am so excited to anounce that my Walk Everyday May to raise awareness and put a stop to Family Domestic Violence has been accepted by White Ribbon as one of their fundraising events. This event is complimentary to my activism within my arts practise and will become an annual thing. (I'm hoping)

Although this is an active event, participants are encouraged to take their time with their walks. Walk as fast or as slow as you like. You can use it as something to help your creativity, a way to meditate or just a way to stay active.

Leading Up to May I will be coming up with tips and tricks to inspire you to keep up your walking. You are working to create change and I thankyou for that. 
Stay Tuned for more info as it comes to light. :)

Keep on Walking! :)