CDCG Site BBQ - Kirribilli

By CD Construction Group

CD Construction Group, in partnership with White Ribbon Australia, is hosting a site BBQ at our Kirribilli Site with the aim to raise awareness of the domestic violence and inequality within in our community. 

CD will be raising money towards the White Ribbon Foundation. 

Our goal is $5000.00 and with this we hope to educate and change lives. We urge you to contribute if you can.

Where does your donation to White Ribbon Australia go?
  • Our Schools program, which aims to strengthen a culture of respect and equality at all levels of the school community – through curriculum, role modelling from staff, policies and procedures, domestic violence education programs and strengthened family and community partnerships.

  • Our local activities across Australia and investing in the growth and expansion of our community partners, community action groups and state and territory committees who volunteer thousands of hours a year to create local changes.

  • The development and delivery of our eLearning resources, an essential starting point to build understanding about violence against women, and how to prevent it. To end violence and abuse we need to first create widespread awareness and understanding of the issue.

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