24 Hour Challenge

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My Activity Tracking


My target 42kms

The 24 Hour Challenge White Ribbon Fundraiser has begun

In a 24 hour period I will be taxing three dramatically different systems in one day to raise awareness of violence against women and children in our society.

500lb (226kg) Squat

The squat is my first physical task of the 24 hour challenge & is my strongest event. For context squatting 226kgs is like me lifting three averaged size friends on my back.

The Sub 5 Minute Mile

With a 4:58 mile already under my belt I am close to achieving this part of the challenge & yet only 2 seconds off from missing it altogether. This is one part of the challenge which will truly come right down to the wire.

The Marathon

Having not run a marathon in over a decade & weighing almost 20kgs heavier this final leg of the challenge will be as much mental as it will be physical.

Event Information

Sunday 10th October 07:00 - 14:00

Brunton Avenue, Melbourne VIC, Australia

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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My Updates

24 Hour Challenge - Trial Run

Couldn’t be happier with the progress of the @whiteribbon fundraiser

We have raised $3000 to date but most importantly there are many conversations being had towards respecting women which is hopefully the start of many more to come. 


With the challenge trial set for 10 days time I am now in my first taper & deload in almost 12 months.


I have spent 266 hours in the gym so far this year & put 616 kms into my legs in the past 6 months. 


During that time I have hit 230kg for a back squat almost half a dozen times.

I have run a sub 5 minute mile almost a dozen times.

And I have ran 3 half marathons. 


Bring on the challenge trial & bring on run Melbourne, I’m ready to go!!! 

24hr Challenge Update - June

Some days you’re the hammer

Other days you’re the nail

Some days you do the pounding 

And other days the weight pounds you


Regardless this analogy sums up my training for the 24hr Challenge.

Trying to achieve what only two others have accomplished requires day in and day out training and subjecting my body to widely fluctuating variables such as energy levels, muscle soreness, motivation levels, weather etc 

I’ve been hard on myself expecting to be fully fuelled and super motivated for each and every session trying to push those boundaries further but as an incredibly wise woman (@thebarbellosteo ) rightly pointed out to me is I cannot expect to function at my highest levels physiology wise for long periods of time. 

I have to have rest days, I have to allow my body time to recover and I have to save that intensity for when it counts. 

Challenge Update

First off what a fundraiser month! 

So far we have raised an amazing $2700 to date, a big thank you to everyone who has generously donated, you have helped make this possible.

Lets not lose momentum, it would be great to reach our target of 5k for such an incredible cause in @whiteribbon 

The challenge is going well despite being sick this month & not hitting as much training time as I’d like.

18 hours in the gym

87kms in the legs

Squat remains strong with a hypertrophy strength block this month so plenty of high repetitions at 180kg/190kgs.

The sub 5min mile is on track with another 4min 59sec mile this month.

The marathon training remains steady. 

87kms in the legs for the month of April, I’m feeling very comfortable running distance in comparison to when we started this journey. 

Even snuck in a cheeky deadlift session of 200kgs for 16 reps 😉 

Training Update

Feeling pretty invincible at the moment.

12 days straight of training; 16 hours of gym work & 45kms in the legs already for the month of April. 

The body is embracing the load well & backing it up daily. 

We will see how tomorrow’s 4am gym session goes 🤢 

Even more importantly the fundraiser is going from strength to strength thanks to so many kind & incredibly generous people. 

I can assure you it is this support & kindness that keeps me pushing through the training sessions when the hurt sets in. 

Consistency is Key

Preparation for this challenge isn’t all just squats, sprints & kms in the legs.

It is also recovery, sleep, nutrition & stress management. 

A fundamental & integral part of any challenge or exercise regime is ensuring you get ample sleep & plenty of nutritious foods.

I have been tracking these four integral elements for the same length of time as I have been training for this challenge. 

Remember consistency is key. 

March Training

Huge month of training finished off with a solid week of work & effort.

220kg squat this week, 5min 12sec mile & a 90 min 15kms.

I put 102kms into the legs for the month of March & 26hrs of gym work. 

Mile Sprint Training

Solid track session this week. 

Over shot lap #1 which ruined each lap after that. 

Not like me to go to hard to early hahah 

1.14 is the magic number on each lap for a sub-5 minute mile. 

Lap Times





Training Update 💪🏻🏃🏻

5 months into consistent training for this challenge & although the individual components are all there I’m starting to feel beat up & sore. 
My upper back is super tight & feels like it wants a good crack, my feet are blistered & don’t know what has hit them, and my legs are tired from everyday being leg day. 
7 months until the 24hr challenge so we are almost at the half way point. 

Fundraiser Day #11

I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed & extremely grateful for all the fundraising and support from @thebarbellosteo today. 
Thanks to @thebarbellosteo we have raised almost a further $400 today & spread the awareness of this worthy cause not just in Australia but across the globe with donations received from both the US & the UK.
Thank you @thebarbellosteo for supporting & sponsoring this cause. 

The Training Behind the Challenge

The pieces of the puzzle having been coming together for a couple of months now. 
230kg back squat during the same week I completed a 4:58 mile & half marathon. 
All three elements of strength, speed & endurance are forming. 

Training Update

Solid day of training yesterday & a solid day of fundraising 😊 A big thank you to everyone who had donated & the incredibly generous contribution which poured in 🙏🏻 
Did you know on average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner in Australia 

We need social change, we need these conversations & we need to build awareness around a subject that will not just go away without radical change & attention 

If you have some spare $$ please donate the link is in bio, if you don’t please repost or reshare

Every share helps so much to get this message out! 

@whiteribbonaust #whiteribbonaustralia #whiteribbonday #endgenderedviolence 

Fundraising - Day 1

Thank you again to everyone who has donated so far & a big thank you to @thebarbellosteo for getting behind this event as my sponsor. 

@thebarbellosteo is providing me with coaching, programming, mobility & guidance along with some pretty cool active wear set to come my way. 

Check out @thebarbellosteo https://www.thebarbellosteo.com/

Get behind whiteribbon team! Donate, share this page, get behind us or just share the awareness. 

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