By Adam Elmasri

My partner and I are running an International Women's Day non-profit event,and we would like to represent and fundraise for you. We would love for you to be present and promote White Ribbon, banners or printed materials and speak to our audience about your amazing work!

We hope to have 50 - 70 people in attendance.

"Come join us for an educational, uplifting and intimate event to celebrate International Women's Day 2022!

Adam, a Human Rights Activist and a published author, will be sharing his work across the Middle East, with regards to Women's Rights, as well as his own mother's experience of female genital mutilation, which still happens in many parts of the world today. His human rights Arabic YouTube channel has hit 10 million views! (

Jen, The Founder of Awesome You Academy, will be sharing her experiences of working in male-dominated cultures, in different parts of the world, working across 4 continents - as well as her experiences as a female Founder! (

Our guest speaker from White Ribbon Australia will be sharing their global social movement, working to eliminate gendered violence. We know that today in Australia, on average, one woman a week is killed by her intimate male partner. This needs to STOP!

This will be an inspiring event, where everyone will have the opportunity to share some delicious Honkas food and cocktails, while sharing their  own stories with one another. Everyone is welcome!"

This will be a non-profit event!  At Honkas, Potts Point.

Please let me know if you would like to present in our event.

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