Stop men's violence against women: Alissa's birthday fundraiser

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It's my birthday on Monday the 18th of March. I'm turning 41. An age I though might be synonymous with confidence and certainty about my place and value in the world.

In the wake of Samantha Murphy's murder in my hometown of Ballarat, and Chaithanya 'Swetha' Madhagani's remains found dumped in a wheelie bin in Geelong, I'm struck by how frightened I feel as a person who identifies as a woman. And how powerless.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, on average, 125 females of all ages are murdered each year in Australia. Overwhelmingly, men kill women – male offenders were responsible for killing about 94% of adult female victims.

By comparison, in 2023, there were 10 fatal shark attacks globally and 17 people died in Australia as the result of plane crashes.

And, in 2014, the “one punch law” was added to the Criminal Code Act 1899 in response to a spate of deaths across the country resulting from one punch, typically linked to young men in alcohol-fuelled encounters.

I don't know exactly how many a spate is but I'd suggest it's fewer than 125 every year.

Feeling powerless and scared isn't a nice thing. If you're feeling the same, if you're scared for the women in your life, for your daughters and the world they'll inherit, I urge you to donate to White Ribbon.

White Ribbon is an international movement to put a stop to men’s violence against women. And they have ace free educational resources for young people – designed to put men and boys at the heart of the solution.

I'll be donating. It's my happy birthday 🧁 to me present 💝.

Love, Alissa

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