Be the change: together we can end disrespect, violence and abuse

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Together, we are stronger and better, and it is this It is this attitude that will help put an end to all forms of men's disrespect, abuse, and violence towards women and children.

I am hosting a Fundraiser for White Ribbon Day.

 Every 11 days, one woman in Australia is murdered by a previous or present Australian partner. Supporting victims of domestic abuse costs Australia up to $15 billion every year. White Ribbon Australia hopes to raise $500K, or a fraction of the cost, to launch a national and grassroots campaign that encourages men to be part of the solution.

From 1 October 2022 - 18 November 2022 I am asking my Australian community to help support the prevention programs of White Ribbon Australia.  They do incredible work, everyday to ensure that men are part of the solution to ending violence and abuse.

For every $1000K I will run 1KM and if I reach $10Kin 30 days I will double this and run 20KM.

As a clinician, it is my responsibility to do all in my ability to prevent violence from occurring and to reduce the burden on the medical and social support system, which is already inundated responding to unnecessary injury and trauma.

Help us stop violence, before it starts and “be the change”.

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Saturday 01st October


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