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I am Mikela Paget and I am a survivor. I understand
the difficulty of opening up, reaching out for help or even finding someone to
talk to. I was unfortunate to go 7 years of sexual abuse by a man we considered
family. During these years I learnt how to survive but in a way no child should
need to adapt to, no one knew about this abuse, I was scared of what could happen.
I found a strength I didn’t know I had. I suffered through depression, anxiety and
PTSD symptoms. When I opened up, I was close to getting the justice I needed!
However this man, my family thought we loved and adored, found the easy way out
of committing suicide leaving me without justice or even an explanation why he
did this.

Even though I missed my opportunity of getting
justice, I still found encouragement and support I didn’t know I had, this saved
my life.



I created this fundraising event through the
White Ribbon organisation. My aim is to host an event at Wagga Wagga on the 21st
of January 2020.


We can’t stop this violence but we can decrease
the statics by holding the victims hands through the process of getting justice
and finding a safer ground. This fundraiser will show our support but also create
a safe place for them to go.

Together, we can bring
people together to help this cause for a fun day out and fundraise for this
cause, its time for the children to #BeReleased! 


Event Information

Tuesday 21st January 10:00 - 14:00

Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia

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