No Excuse For Abuse

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No Excuse For Abuse

We want to run an event at Mount Louisa walking track in Townsville. The concept we have in mind involves organizing a team of 6-10 people. It will be a $20 /person entry fee. Each team will need to have at least 3 people walking the track at one time, completing a lap before tagging the next 3 or so team members in to do theirs.
The event will run from 8am-12pm (4 hours) 
While people are waiting at the bottom of the track for their turn it would be great to be able to run some  information sessions about white ribbon, have some fun activities running, a dj, food and drinks. We own a clothing business called No Excuse Crew and want to work with that slogan during the campaign. We would love this to come together as we are both young men who are passionate about fitness and white ribbon. 

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Spread the word…NO EXCUSE

We are aiming to spread awareness around the Townsville community through our event that there is no place for violence against women. 
We want to make this event upbeat and fun with music, food and a few laps of the stairs in between.
Get your team together, come along and embrace the journey as a community to lower the rate of violence and abuse against women.

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