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Shining a spotlight on domestic violence, it's awareness and prevention. Lets all be apart of the solution and Bring the Light.

A day/night of local Brisbane musical talent lighting up the stage and donating their time to entertain people in the name of a worthy cause.

Sponsored by Young Henry's Brewing Co and The Backroom at Chardon's Corner Hotel. All ticket sales will go to White Ribbon, and there will be other opportunities at the event to show your support.

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Groom's Bride

We are a dedication to the unique, the strange and the bizarre who found themselves through emo and pop/punk music. We are here to prove it’s not just a phase. Nostalgia doesn’t cover it, re-live the emo generation with us <3 

Groom's Bride is a band bonded through music that has been a driving force in helping to overcome difficult times. This event enables us to share our love and passion of that music to come together as a community, shedding light and celebrating the power we all have to overcome hardships. 


Hailing from Brisbane's northside Violet are a female-fronted 4 piece punk-rock band. With animal rights, human rights, and civil rights as recurring lyrical themes it's no wonder they feel right at home to play a white ribbon fundraiser event.


Upbeat doom" is a difficult term to use in a sentence, but it's the kind of enthusiastic punter description that Brisbane hard rock outfit GUTTERFIRE! have in spades, given the diverse sonic beast they've built on top of that foundation. Having kicked off as a band in 2018 to a lightning fast rise in the local scene and an even bigger 2019, they've survived the couple of years that never happened and have sailed into 2022 stronger than ever. Having released the debut album Chill in 2021, 6 singles to date, also recently signing a licensing deal with Wormholedeath records for the international release of the album, and sharing bills with acts such as Electric Mary, SixftHick, Black Rheno, Dr. Colossus, Astrodeath, The Black Swamp, The Brave & These Four Walls, they now have their sights set on the rest of the world.

Supporting White Ribbon is a no brainer for us. Our vocalist grew up around domestic violence and it’s something that’s close to all our lives with how sadly prevalent it still is. We’re always keen to get behind moving this conversation and cause forward.

Profanity Fair

There are no words that can honestly shed light to the understanding of violence. It's plagued the existence of everything since the beginning of time. 
The only thing that makes you human is understanding violence itself. The very existence of 'violence' implicates that humans understand its morality. 
We can comprehend its moral presence and make judgement on wether or not it's for survival, or something else. 
We all know domestic violence is an undoubtedly real thing. I just hope that the acknowledgement of our music and the music of others can change the drastic decisions some make. We know our music won't miraculously stop all domestic violence. We just hope it's enough to affect one person, enough to get the help they need.


Introducing some freshly seasoned sounds to the metal scene of Brisbane.

Mezmik are a bunch of misfits that the universe has brought together and synthesized an unusual melting pot of Groove metal, European Symphonic Metal & 90's Death Metal.  This powerful and luminous explosion covers all that you need when in search for that pure blissful mix of metal sounds. 

We are honoured to be a part of the White Ribbon Fundraiser event this year.  Mezmik believe violence against anyone is unacceptable nor should be it tolerated. These conversations are never easy to discuss but raising awareness can help open the communication channels, also it helps us as a community to support one another.  We are proud to voice the awareness of such a worthy cause to prevent violence against Women and Children and stop the cycle. 

Scandal Tree

We're Scandal Tree, and for those who have managed to see us live know that we leave nothing behind up on stage. We're loud, we're brash and we're unapologetically just us!

We wanted to organise and do this White Ribbon Fundraiser, as DV Awareness and Assistance gets largely lost in the mix of much larger Mental Health days and other Health focused initiatives. Most of us will have known someone who has, or we have directly or indirectly experienced some form of DV in our lives which is a sad reality and quite often a scary to think about.

A couple of us in the band have partners coming from direct DV experiences on different levels. We as a group wanted to bring this out into the light and have a special musical event dedicated to highlighting the importance and need in our community for open and transparent discussion about these social issues. 

We all need to work out a way in which we can unbury our heads out of the proverbial sand and make it known that we as a society strongly disagree with such behaviour. 

We felt that putting on an event like, Bring the Light, will bring people together over a common goal and the love of live n local musical talent. To acknowledge the outstanding work White Ribbon Australia does around our country. Our hats go off to them and we hope to raise plenty of funds. 

We also acknowledge Flamin' Grilla's food truck, The Backroom for their support and Young Henry's Brewing Co for their sponsorship of this event. 

Lastly, a big shout out too, to all the bands that have given generously of their time to support.

This event is to bring awareness, and to acknowledge our past learnings or rather failures, the present initiatives and the future growth of our understanding and elimination of DV in our community.

Rip and the Scandal Tree Lads.

Ancient Remains

When we were invited to play at this White Ribbon Fundraiser Show , we were more than honoured to perform for such a great cause. 

Domestic Violence is a major issue in our society, it can happen to anyone (including our own band mates).

What better way to support this powerful cause then getting together, getting sweaty in the pit and raising much needed funds for the White Ribbon Fundraiser!

- Ancient Remains


Speedracer bring big rock, big grunge, big vocals, big sound. And they do it all with a clear passion and dedication to their music” - Shannon-Lee Sloane  {The Colourful Writer}

We appreciate the opportunity to be involved "Bring the Light Festival" to raise awareness of domestic violence, which has the potential to cause lasting damage in our community. It’s an important issue and we appreciate the work that White Ribbon are doing to highlight and educate in this space. We’re happy to do our small part to stand up and lend our support to this vital cause.

Black Whiskey

Black Whiskey:

An unmistakable Aussie rock sound has won Black Whiskey a following of fans and generated plenty of music industry hype, landing them a number of support slots alongside some of rocks national and international heavyweights.

Black Whiskey deliver no bs straight up rock. From the opening riff of “Whiskey & Rock n Roll” to the Rock Anthem of “Wild & Free”, audiences are reminded that the Aussie Rock scene lives on.

Like it a little old school, loud, melodic & fast? Then this band won’t disappoint! 

We are here with fellow musos / lovers of music & supporters for the cause, to raise money for White Ribbon Australia & those lives that are torn apart by domestic violence in ALL it's forms. 
Join us at The Back Room 26/11, support this charity to continue their good work, helping & showing these victims a new and beautiful life beyond abuse. ~ WILL

Regularly giving their time & music to many causes including Rockin for the Homeless, Rockin for Bushfire Relief, Blaze Aid, Rock Beats Depression & White Ribbon Australia.
Alan, Dan, Mark & Will truly believe that Music transcends all boundaries, can bring clarity & comfort in times of despair & has the ability to heal. 

  2.2 million Australians have experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or previous partner- This is NOT OK.
We can all do our part in trying to put a stop to this, know the signs, speak out & call perpetrators out on this despicable and weak crime. Have a word to yourself & get help if you need.
1800RESPECT -1800 737 732
This is a 24-hour national sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line for any Australian who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Serial Killer Dinner Party

Serial Killer Dinner Party (SKDP to their fans), have been tearing up the Brisbane and Gold Coast music scene since 2016.  The band came together when Leigh Robertson (Vocals/Bass) reached out to his childhood friend Adam Walshaw (drums). Over the years there have been a few members come and go SKDP until we have got to this point where the recipe is sounding better than it ever has before. The current members of SKDP have been involved in the Queensland punk scene for years now including Leigh Robertson (Bass/Vocals), Josh Prosser (Lead Guitar) and Adam Walshaw (Drums). With the addition of their newest member Dan Smith (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), SKDP keep pushing the energy levels on stage as well as constantly improving their sound with each release. 

SKDP have achieved a lot in their time by supporting some of the best local and interstate bands the Australian punk scene has to offer but they have also pushed to play larger stages and were selected to play a festival close to the hearts of the Brisbane music scene, the 2019 Dead Of Winter Festival. SKDP also won the local band competition to play the 2022 Uncaged Festival in Queensland as well as having some success in the 2021 4ZZZ hot 100 countdown coming in at 15th with their track Obligations, this was also their first time to feature in the countdown. 

With more releases scheduled for 2023 and a drive to push the bands to new heights, SKDP take the same attitude off stage as they do on it and that is "Don't leave anything in the tank".
SKDP has always been a band that gives 110 percent wherever we go and of ourselves to the people we encounter on our way. 

Our intention as a band is to get anyone who’s watching us to enjoy themselves, have a laugh and maybe just lose themselves in a moment in time. So therefore being a band that just wants everybody around us to feel accepted and safe we are united in our belief that domestic violence or violence of any kind whether it be physical or emotional has no place in this world.

To be a part of this years White Ribbon Fundraiser Show Event is something we are all proud to support and with such an amazing lineup of bands, we are sure it will be a success.

Broken Leg

Broken Leg, are a five piece punk rock/hard rock outfit hailing from Brisbane. Their influences are drawn from bands such as Mark of Cain, Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden and Generation x just to name a few. They mash it all together and produce a sound somewhat familiar to 70’s punk but on the other hand something slightly 90’s punk metal. Broken Leg take no prisoners busting out tight performances with their high energy performances and simple song writing. 

We've chosen to support the Bring the Light show because violence against women is an abhorrent crime that, on average, claims one woman’s life every week.  We need to talk openly to other men about this social issue and work together to eliminate it from our society.  We need to break the cycle of violence against women, embedding instead, a culture of equality and respect for a brighter future for women.

Coz and the Boys from Broken Leg 


Punktilious is a 3 piece punk rock band from Brisbane made up of Phil Wild - guitar/ vox, Spike Glover - drums, Mick Shay - bass.

Formed in 2015 and our first show on Stradbroke Island, Queens Birthday weekend. Since then we’ve played at venues in Thailand, Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.
At the end of October 2019 we headlined shows in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Just about to go on our second tour this year of NSW. We have a 7 track EP called An Apple a Day available on CD and Digital Download.

We're keen to support Bring the Light to help raise awareness and funds for White Ribbon. Domestic violence is a massive issue in Australia and around the world. We work in an industry supported largely through the sales of alcohol which is known to contribute to incidents of domestic violence. Any way where we as a band can give back and help make a difference, we’re in!!!

Phil Wild 

Ticket Link

You can access tickets to the Event via this link;

It's $15+bf pre-sale and $20 at the door.

Hope to see you there showing your support 😎

White Ribbon Fundraiser Show: Bring the Light Festival 26/11

Bring the Light Festival 2022 sees a group of like minded individuals banding together in the support of one cause through music.

We believe that it's time that more emphasis and focus was put upon the relationships and the nature of those relationships with another individual no matter what their gender, or how they identify themselves. 

At the end of the day we are saying NO to all types of violence no matter the setting. We strongly believe that it's unacceptable for anyone to exert physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and or coercive control over anyone.

Bring the Light is a cause deeply personal to the band, Scandal Tree, as several of its members have wives, and or someone they know who has suffered and been affected by DV.

We want to bring awareness of how prevalent this issue is within our community and assist by raising funds to support the ongoing brilliant work of a charity like White Ribbon.

Bring the Light is about healing and recovery though music. We can all join as one in a moment of solidarity and unity to acknowledge that this is something we all could do much better in preventing.

We hope to see you there at the show and to help a worthy cause 🙏

Thank you to my Sponsors


Daniel Olm