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Along with some of my colleagues at Bass Coast Shire Council I am participating in the Great Aussie Hike. A 30km walk along the East Gippsland Rail Trail on 1 May 2021. I would love to use this event to raise money for White Ribbon.

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Friday 30th April 10:00 - 23:00
Bairnsdale VIC, Australia

Ticket Price: $150

This venue is not accessible for people with disability

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A cause close to my heart...

I have never ever participated in any sort of event like the Great Aussie Hike. Since I am not exercise inclined I figured a walk would be simple, but 30km is a long way! Raising money for a charity close to my heart is a good way to stay motivated.

As many of my friends and family are well aware I have been the victim of men's violence against woman for most of my life. Initially the violence came from my father up to the age of 12 then again in my relationship with my children's father for 9 years. I like to call myself a survivor but the reality is that because of the countless ways that men can abuse woman I unfortunately find myself falling victim to it over and over again. In my case, I endure abuse through shared parental responsibility. In my experience the courts have allowed perpetrators of family violence to continue their abuse, it's just committed through different avenues and disguised. 

It is so hard to stand up and say I was abused by a man and even harder when the legal system make you prove it (even though I could, easily). I speak up for all the woman who can't, I speak up for the children that are caught in the crossfire and inevitably repeat the cycle, I speak up for me!

Please share and donate to help me bring awareness to men's violence against woman and to bring awareness to the obvious flaw in our legal system that fails to protect mum's who have survived the violence only to be put in a position to be abused again, through shared parental responsibility. 

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Jarvis Weston

Great work Erin, extremely brave and inspirational. All the best for the walk and hope you can power out the 30km



Thank you Erin. Along with the many others you are walking for, my 3 sisters, myself and my mother all suffered abuse at the hands of my father. Unfortunately 2 of my sisters continued the cycle on into their marriages, but they were intelligent independent strong women of action who did not waste years of their life continuing to be victims. This is a cause close to my heart, walk well. Hope the training is coming along!!



All the best ladies (and gents) Happy hiking!!



So proud of you for sharing your story and making it easier for others to talk about this. Let's hope your team mates are up to carrying you the final 5km...




Silvija Gradkowski

So very proud of you xo


Alison Sands


Mark Hennessy

Great Erin. The cause is everything I believe in. Doing the March 4 justice last month was great but with too small a showing from us blokes. It’s up to us now. Good on you, E. Walk hard!! Lots of love, Mxx



Well done E - so proud of you and wish I were closer to walk with you - you will blitze it. The March4Justice was amazing to be a part of and powerful in highlighting how this cause desperately needs more attention. Your efforts make a difference. Enjoy the walk, and if you are getting tired-run a little bit-you will finish it quicker-ha! Lv us xxx



Go Erin, well done for standing up and proving just how strong you are. Take one step at a time and you'll easily achieve what you want! Again.


Louise Alexander

Good luck on the hike ladies! A great effort for a great cause. Thank you for sharing your story Erin.


Linda Ryan

Go Erin! Hope you have a fabulous time. Very happy to support! Linda :-)


Kathie And Steve Holmes

So proud of you!!


Erin Smrk


Kieran Crichton


Kirsty Marlow

Best of luck to you and Caroline x