Networks Gratitude Ball

By Isobel Fraser

Plans are underway for the inaugural Networks Gratitude Ball for Optus Early talent dinner, to be held on 1 November.

This a CSR event encompassing, celebrating and acknowledging the Optus Grads, Cadets and Interns, past and present.


For this event we have chosen to align with the white ribbon charity which supports domestic violence victims for both women and men.


The theme will be “White” to acknowledge our chosen charity.

We have also chosen white it is symbolic of a Debutant, which is a ceremony that celebrates a girl evolving into a women.  Fitting as the evening will also be a celebration of the evolution of the Optus Grads, Cadets & Interns.


As the name “Gratitude Ball’ denotes, we will be taking the opportunity to thank everyone within in the Optus Grad, Cadet & Intern community, including leaders and mentors, for their hard work and showcase some of the work they have done.

The aim is to connect the early talent community, while helping support the broader community and turn this into an annual event of practising gratitude.


The fun part would be awards ceremony during the dinner.  A sample of an award you could win on the night would be “ Most likely to become Networks MD” …  and we are hoping to get our current Networks MD Dennis Wong to hand out this award.   We may even decide that Mr Dennis Wong is the most befitting recipient of this award 😉 …  as mentioned, this will be the ‘fun’ part.


The focus for this year’s speeches will be Transformation, as well as the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone (power of vulnerability).

We are planning to invite some well-established and highly regarded past Grads / Cadets sharing their story, and would like to hear from you as to who else you would like to hear from.


We plan to showcase events the Grads & Cadets have participated in throughout the year, things like tech days, ABCN and sustainability, just to name a few.  If you have any pics or filming of these events you wish to share, please email them to me.   We will be editing a video to display without sound as our guests arrive, and then show again, with sound, during the dinner.  So I am looking for volunteers to tell their stories.  Be creative.  If you are a little camera shy and prefer not to be interviewed one on one, then don’t hesitate to think of other ways to showcase your achievement as a Cadet or a Grad, whether that be in a group video, slide show or any other innovative idea.  You are the future of Optus, so we are open to any innovative ways you can think of to showcase your work.  Please contact me by ….. with regard to this.


We are aiming to raise $5,000 + and this will be done through ticket sales as well as silent auction during the event.

If you have any ideas on raising funds that you would like to share, please let me know.


We are hoping to inspire, motivate and encourage multiple cohorts of young talent programs and sponsors and gradvocates.


As part of the Grad, Cadet, Intern community I am looking for your assistance to arrange this event.  So please feel free to contact me with regard to this event.

I will keep you updated on event planning progress, particularly as to when the tickets go on sale, as we will be encouraging you to encourage everyone to purchase tickets, for what will be a fun night …  with money going to a great cause.

Event Information

Friday 01st November 18:00 - 22:00

1 Lyonpark Road, Macquarie Park NSW, Australia

Ticket Price: $100   |  Buy Tickets

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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