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50km excerise bike ride with out stopping.

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A little about why i have chosen White Ribbon

My name is Janelle i am 33 years old. Coming up to 10 year ago I experienced Domestic Violence/Family Violence.
The impact it had on myself and my family was heart breaking, I ended up with pretty bad PTSD turning to drugs and alcohol to numb myself which then led to self-harm and a few to many suicide attempts, 6 years of my beautiful  daughters life and my own was heavy impacted. I can now stand here today with my head held high free off PTSD, Drug and Alcohol. It had taken a lot of hard work and dedication to be where i am today but i would not want it any other way. I have chosen not to let my experience with domestic violence define who i am rather than try to help others i am studying mental health and am the happiest and healthiest i have been in a long time.
So i am asking WILL you take a stand against Domestic violence and help me  raise money for White Ribbon day 2021 by supporting me in my fund raiser any donation big or small with help. Thankyou

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Dave Finnigan

Good luck Dx


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so proud of you


Janelle Finnigan


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You are amazing


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We are so proud of you & we love you lots ♥️




Ray Caruana

Good luck go girl