Family Violence Prevention Project

By CGD Youth Services

I am contacting you on behalf of The City of Greater Dandenong Youth and Family Services, we are working with a group of young people to empower and support them to develop a communications campaign that explores the issue of family violence through a youth lens.

The program comprises two main parts:

Part 1: Capacity building

Young people will have the opportunity to participate in a series of personal development workshops, designed to increase their understanding of family violence and its determinants; build their communication and social marketing skills; and support them in developing a complement of messages that challenge and raise awareness of family violence, and reinforce protective social norms.

Part 2: Communications campaign

Young people are supported to translate their key messages into a communications campaign, which will be promoted through various channels to raise awareness in the community. The campaign will tie in with the City of Greater Dandenong’s broader White Ribbon Campaign, and culminate with participants launching their campaign at our Annual White Ribbon Day event.

  1. We would like to enquire how to register our campaign (currently under development) with White Ribbon?
  2. We are also hoping to align our campaign messages with this year’s White Ribbon Campaign in order compliment your key messages, could you please provide us with any information or resources so that we can refer to them during our campaign development.
  3. Lastly, as previously mentioned above we are delivering a series of capacity building workshops to the young people participating in the development of the campaign. We were hoping that White Ribbon would have the availability to deliver a presentation discussing the drivers of violence against women and strategies to challenge these, and inspire change amongst young people.

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