Shed Off Shame (S.O.S)

By Jordan Pittoors

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The countdown begins

With 3 weeks away I’m luck to have met my first target of $1000 in donations. Because there is plenty of time between now and the hair shaving event, im increasing my target by another $500.
But raising money is not the main goal, it’s spreading the word about mental health and protecting those who are in struggle. If you are not doing well please reach out to the support network around you (me included). If someone has come to you for help and you don’t know how to assist or where to direct them, I highly encourage you to do your mental health first aid. Then there are many other ways to help and educate yourself through the white ribbon organisation too!! 

How do you describe Mindfulness?

The main message that Shelly and I would like to share is that on mental health awareness and tools to help you and others.

We have both suffered from domestic abuse in various forms and found mindfulness practices to help us get through difficult times. We will be sharing our go-to mindfulness practices on our individual social media platforms if you would like to follow us, you can reach us at our handles;
- Jordan: jordanjessica13
- Shelly: shellypittoors

Finally sharing this!!

I have thought about shaving my head for charity a lot over the last few years. I feel like now is the best time as you can only donate natural hair and it must be less than 12% great. Maybe I’m self conscious but it seems like more greys are coming through so I’d like to donate my hair before it’s too late. I’ll keep the small coloured bits for myself as a keepsake that that was what I donated. 
My mother has shaved her head twice, the second time she cut off  over 80cm. So we have a lot of hair to donate to another charity who make wigs for sick children. 
I’m so excited to share this journey of fundraising, awareness and who I have turned my dark times into good and come out stronger on the other side. 
Thank you to those who are supporting me and I hope you find some good tip along the way as I share. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


F45 Training Hurstville

We are so inspired by your strength and courage, thank you for bringing awareness to such a an important cause. You have our support all the way xx


Scott Richards


Jordan Pittoors


Tracey Mcalpine


John B

Sorry I’m late to donate and will be missing your day today but best of luck, I’m so proud of the effort you and your mum are making.


Cronulla Skin Sanctuary

Such a great cause 👏🏼


David Barham

Very insirational Jordy!


Chris Power

Go Jordi! So proud of you for doing this Big Love Chris, Sarah, Elliot and Leo


Julieanne Lowe

Proud of you ! Fantastic Cause


Michael Burgess

Gday mate


Scott Windus


Darryn Young

Go Jordan!



It is a brave and noble thing you’re doing, Jordan. Well done lovey 💕


Dijana Herceg

You are such a beautiful and inspirational person Jordan💜




Jo Kaczmar

Great cause, perfect haircut for the summer!


Kieran Malthouse

Great cause!


Ben Oweis


Sammy And Nathan




Suzanna Penaflor

Incredible humans doing something for a incredible cause x



Love your work Jordan!


Alex Holden

Great cause Jordan. Well done to you and your Mum!



The loveliest, doing the kindest!


Justine Fisher


Lisa Mcculloch

You are an inspiration my Gal!


Kerry Westwood

Go Jordan! So proud of you - an amazing Daymaker!


Caroline Schmidt


Alicia Hetherington Photography



Great work Jordan


Kendall Harvey


Craig Lovegrove


Brigitte Anttilla

Sorry I can't be there on the day, love that you are doing this though!


Chervonne Lau



Belinda Rhodes

Well done Jordy x x x Love your fellow Friday girl ❤️