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By Louise Join Me

Students are a having a Halloween Day at school on Oct 31st. They are asking other staff, students or nearby businesses  to dress for Halloween and are asking for a gold coin donation from these people.

Students are marketing the day via posters, word of mouth, walk around to other classes, letter drop and via Djerriwarrh Facebook page.
They are planning a few days before the day, that they will carve pumpkins to be sold or they may just be used for decorations.

All activities will incur a gold coin donations to be part of the activities, except BBQ where food will be at different price.

The day will begin with a scar making workshop for anyone who wants to learn this art, the students are then going to decorate a portable with scary decorations and play a horror movie, with popcorn availability. 
While the movie is playing other students will be getting up the bbq. Students have asked for donations via local businesses for the bbq supplies, they wrote the letters for these requests. Many of our students have Food Handling & Hygiene certificates.

The personal development skill strands of the senior VCAL. certificate are about getting students involved in a community issue, and raising awareness and money.

On their posters they have been adding statistics, facts that they learnt through the free e-learning. To raise awareness. All students passed and received their certificate from the elearning. All students will be arming themselves with knowledge to spread this day when talking to the public to bring awareness to violence against women.

We have signed up to become a white ribbon school in the future, we are on the waiting list, as predominantly our students are male, with unfortunately poor male role models in their lives.

Event Information

Thursday 31st October 09:30 - 14:00

Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services 241 Station Rd Melton

Ticket Price: $5

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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