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Run Day May - 200KM Challenge

I will be looking to walk a total of 200 Kms throughout the course of May, with a culmination of a marathon walk of 42kms at the end of the month (On Saturday the 28th of May). This will start at Frankston and finish at Punt Road Oval in Richmond. 

There are 2 big reasons for me wanting to complete this challenge. My family in recent months has taken in a young lady, Jemma (14 years old), who unfortunately is all to familiar with the reason charities such as white ribbon exists. I want to show her, as her new Father, that there are people out there that care for people such as her who are in difficult home situations. The bonus of doing this for her is also for the benefit of my son Cooper (8 years old). He is at that impressionable age right now where having me put my best foot forward, literally, will hopefully provide him with the inspiration to be a role model in the areas of respect for women. He already has a huge heart, but with him being as impressionable as he is, now is the perfect time to provide this kind of lesson for him. Fundamentally these are the reasons for me to complete this challenge, but if I can raise funds for an organisation that specialises in supporting those who have fallen victim to such things, the impact can be much further reaching. 

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Sunday 01st May
Melbourne VIC, Australia

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