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I will be looking to walk a total of 200 Kms throughout the course of May, with a culmination of a marathon walk of 42kms at the end of the month (On Saturday the 28th of May). This will start at Frankston and finish at Punt Road Oval in Richmond. 

There are 2 big reasons for me wanting to complete this challenge. My family in recent months has taken in a young lady, Jemma (14 years old), who unfortunately is all to familiar with the reason charities such as white ribbon exists. I want to show her, as her new Father, that there are people out there that care for people such as her who are in difficult home situations. The bonus of doing this for her is also for the benefit of my son Cooper (8 years old). He is at that impressionable age right now where having me put my best foot forward, literally, will hopefully provide him with the inspiration to be a role model in the areas of respect for women. He already has a huge heart, but with him being as impressionable as he is, now is the perfect time to provide this kind of lesson for him. Fundamentally these are the reasons for me to complete this challenge, but if I can raise funds for an organisation that specialises in supporting those who have fallen victim to such things, the impact can be much further reaching. 

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Sunday 01st May
Melbourne VIC, Australia

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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Run Day May - The first week.

Its amazing you know. When I set out to do this challenge, there were multiple factors as to why I wanted to do it, and the cause was one of them. An important one, but not the only one. 

Having an 8 year old Boy, and now, a now 15 year old girl (Happy Birthday for the other day Jemma!), I felt it was important to set an example of what you can achieve if you really put your heart, body and soul behind it, no matter how daunting the task may be. The bonus with this was obviously the fitness benefits, but also the chance to educate my little legend (Cooper) on what should be acceptable in society, and what isn't. To show Jemma that what she has gone through in the past isn't the norm, and that people out there really care about others. In my opinion, It's our role as parents to provide these lessons, and if everyone does, the world will be a much better place!

The idea of ripping through 200kms in a month, when I have not bothered to excercise for the best part of 2 years (Aside for some rounds of Disc Golf!) seemed daunting enough! I have done something similar in the past (Ended up completing a 32km walk and a total of 160kms for the month of may in the original Run Day may) so I believe if I put my mind to it, I'm more than capable of achieving it. What a lesson to be able to pass onto the next generation!

The first 6 days, has been a little bit of a challenge. I have managed to knock off the equivalent of a marathon as of today, which is a little milestone I'm already proud of. I set a program to get me to the 42 kms on the 28th which was a steady progression of kms before the big one. First 3 days, 3 kms, next 3, 4 kms on so on until we hit 200 with the final marathon getting me across the line. To have doubled those KM's in the first 6 days is a really good base to begin with. It's been a lot of early mornings, I'm constantly tired as a result, but getting up and not being tired throughout the day is getting easier every day. If I keep going at this rate, I reckon ill feel like a teenager again before the big walk, but I'm sure ill feel 60 once I have completed it! 

I have been invigorated by the support that I have received also. To smash through the $500 fundraising target inside the first couple of hours of going live with the challenge really fuelled the fire to get going, and keep going on this journey. To all of you who have donated, my heartfelt thank you! 

I have mentioned my Son and Daughter on a couple of occassions through this, but what I have done, not intentionally, but it has still happened regardless, is I have neglected the absolute love of my life, my wife Michelle. She has been and will continue to not get the same amount of "Us Time" that we both enjoy, she is my best mate, and the hours we spend together have been negatively impacted by this challenge. But she has been nothing but supportive about it, and Ill be doing my utmost to ensure she has a magnificent mothers day to try and make up for it! 

The attached picture gives you all an update on where I am at in the challenge. Quick Snapshot, 42kms, 7 hours of walking in 6 days. Including a special little one with my Cooper Trooper last night. Have a feeling one day he is going to be having a crack at challenges like these himself in years to come! 

Thanks again to everyone who has reached out, and donated. I appreciate you all! 22 Days to go....lets get at it! 

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Nabeel Sadaka

What a superstar. Always doing something for others!


Liquid - B & M

No better man to continue the RunDayMay event - we love you


Hvnl Audit Safety & Compliance Pty Ltd

Good on you Douth!


Chris Hutton

Good going commish - you have all of our support!


Eric Douthie

Good luck and I m praying it will be dry. We are proud of you. Luv Dad and Judy


Southern Plants

What a string and respectful Man you are leading a lovely family and showing the world violence against woman is never acceptable. Ever.


David Thomson


Simon Thompson

Awesome work mate!


Scotty Strang

Your doing an amazing thing here!! Keep up the good work, you’re sure to inspire others! 🤙🏻


Mercure Hotel Mildura

Mercure Hotel Mildura proud to support such a worthy cause and great effort Mr Douthie!


Jack Pompei


Jackie Douthie

So proud of you brother. Look forward to watching your progress next month.


Cliff & Kym

Well done Leigh, what an amazing achievement!!!


Kate Bessell

Inspirational Douth, very proud to support your effort xo


Cam Gauder

Well done Commish


Clay Storer

You’re a champ Douth, awesome cause!


John Ford

We are right behind you Douth. Beware of the chaffing 😂


Jai Anderson

Well done Douth!


Cathy Violi

Super proud of you!


Steven Degetto

Great work champion!!



Keep up the good work Douth! P.S did this amount to make it even lol!



Love you Chops.


Ally Douthie

You are amazing my beautiful son. You have done a massive effort so far. 👏 So so proud. What a role model to Coops and Jemma.


Ben Messemaker

You are a Legend! Happy Steppin'



Nice work Douth!!



Absolutely inspirational mate! I won't be able to see your final steps, but I will be there in spirit!



Great stuff Douth


Stuart Ward

Douth!!! Awesome mate. Good luck.


Mark Ward

Good on you mate, you are a legend and I’m so proud of you


Nathan Webster

You know how I feel


Mark Krunchie Kroehn

You inspiring bastard - proud to call you a mate - among other more colourful words ❤️


Fiona Dewhirst


Heath And Sarah’s Crew

Awesome work mate! See you at the finish line for refreshments!


Martin Watts


Craig Murphy

Go get ‘em Tiger. Proud of you mate


Jen Q

You guys have always been the absolute best. Jemma’s so lucky to have you and I have no doubt you feel like the luckiest family on earth to have her. Great cause, great exercise! Hope you smash it :)


Glenice Jones

So proud of you Leigh. I know Michelle and Coops, and Jemma, are right behind you, as we all are. Welcome to the family Jemma.... you have cracked the jackpot.


Leigh Douthie


John And Regina Drayton

Congratulations on extending your family. We're happy for Cooper who we think is a little legend, and also (especially) happy for Jemma who is part of a great family. See you guys at basketball!




Bronte Marquardt



Shiva love


Adam Oakley

Leigh. You are a very good person! For the fundraising yes, but more for the care you are showing for a person in need! Inspiring!


Carla C

Awesome stuff! Keep up the great work, LD⭐️


Matty Macca

Inspirational Douth!



You are a bloody inspirational legend mate. There is no end to your care, generosity and thoughts of others.




Luke D

Bravo mate forward wonderful cause


Jon Trumbull

Outstanding effort for a great cause!


Chantelle Doulis

Great work Leigh!


Ben Barned

Good onya Commish, you are a better man than I.


Tim Green

Great job mate. Smashing it.


Jane Lowe

Well done for smashing your goals and being so inspirational, esp for those little eyes watching their Dad! I hope you can hear me rooting for ya, all the way from Ireland ☘️


Megs And Brad Griffin

You are a star!


Michelle Torcasio

This is fantastic Leigh, what a great cause.



Keep on going Douth, love your work here.




Dixon Family

Good luck gents enjoy the walk


Pierina Zappia

Well done mate! 👏 Amazing effort 🙌🙌



Good luck with the walking and the fundraising 👍


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Amazing effort Leigh, you've almost reached your goal 👏 incredible commitment, well done mate


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Good luck for the walk Leif!


Mick Barden

Run forest run



Getting you to 5 Grand! So freaking proud of you mate