Lucas’ 3rd annual birthday shit run

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My target 42kms

After last year I have 0 promises of completing a marathon this time, but your boy will try with no training and a bit of a quarantine belly. So if you’re free on the 20th of November bring yourself and your strava down to Albert Park Lake and we’ll count how many K’s we can all do together. White ribbon campaign is a global movement of men working to end Violence against women.
On top of the donations I’ll be donating in dollars the amount of K’s we all run together so the more you run the more we raise. 

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Jack Roland

ESPN might do a 30 for 30 if you can get the 42 done tomorrow, good luck xx


Miranda Buchanan

I’m as proud of you as I would be for my own kid


Thomas Davies

Great stuff Lucas!!!



Phenomenal work LM! Cheering you on with a coupla cool ones!!! bless u


Brigid Buchanan

Wonderful effort.


Chris Moran

Run Lukey run



Keep on running. From AFL information, trade rumours and results


Granddad & Nanny

Good luck Lukey if you train we will come and watch


Pauline & Tony De Pasquale

Well done Lucas 💙



Go Lukey! I will be cheering not joining in :)


Jess Robinson


Louis Boyle-bryant

Hope the run was shitter than planned xx




James Foley

Good on you pookie, great cause ❤


Jasmine Schipp


Amelia Standfield





Are you free for bowling on Friday? Kind regards, Millie