MTA Queensland Fundraising Lunch for White Ribbon Australia

By Lysa Dugandzic

Our organisation has been grappling with the sheer enormity of the on-going horrific circumstances surrounding domestic violence so we want to do something.

As industry leaders and as an organisation that is directly engaging with the industry and over 2000 young people through training, we do have a responsibility to engage and make the world a better place. 

We have determined to support White Ribbon Day on Friday 19 November 2021, and for MTA Queensland and MTA Institute to host a fundraising lunch for White Ribbon Australia on Friday 11th June. 

For our White Ribbon ‘event’, lunch will be provided by MTA Queensland and we have asked all staff to bring a donation that they can afford. On the day we will watch some videos and learn more about this incredibly serious issue. We are also live streaming the lunch for our regional trainers who are unable to attend. 

Event details: FRIDAY JUNE 11 Boardroom 1pm-2pm 

Our aim is to raise $500 on the day. 

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Thanks to everyone who has made a donation.

MTA Queensland will today match the $500 fundraising effort from staff, with a total amount now raised sitting at $1000 for White Ribbon Australia.

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Mta Queensland

MTA Queensland will today match the $500 fundraising effort from staff, with a total amount now raised at $1000 for White Ribbon Australia.


Rod Camm


Scott Gehrke

It saddens me that we continue to see these horrific domestic violence scenes on our TV screens. Not forgetting the silent abuse which no doubt continues behind closed doors. All trainers, lets make a difference. Not only with a donation (of any amount), but also by being role models, mentoring our students to respect others, including their partners.


Kellie Dewar


Matthew Ivers


Kyesha Preston


Bill Copeland


Kathy Winkcup

Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference and this money will help improve peoples lives.


Ian Naylor


Evangeline Kannis


Sonja Popovska


Marcello Riotto





Great to see this support from MTAQ!




Christie Flew