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Parents, carers, and friends of children attending Fishermen's Bend Gymnastics Club enjoy watching their young gymnasts growing, achieving new skills, learning new routines, and performing feats of flexibility that "seem" impossible. We encourage these children to have fun, to strive to get better, to compete and achieve these goals. Now the tables have turned. The gymnasts are now challenging "you", the parents, carers, loved ones and friends of these children to show them that you have the grit to train, get flexible, and learn how to do the splits! The fabulous coaches at Fishermen's Bend Gymnastics assure me any adult should be able to learn this within 6 weeks and the key is consistency of training. I have given you 9 weeks! A guided programme will be provided by the coaches to help you achieve this goal and your little gymnasts will be right there beside you supporting and pushing you as you support them. The key to success with this is daily diligence, flexibility can be gained rapidly but lost rapidly too!
  We encourage you to use all social media outlets, work places, family gatherings to get the word out about the amazing work White Ribbon Australia do to make this an incredibly successful event. Your little gymnasts will be so proud of you.
   We will start the challenge on 16/9/22 and have photos of successful splits for White Ribbon Day 18/11/22. These will be out together as an poster collage and displayed in the hall. It would be lovely if your little gymnast could be present in the photo too, doing the splits beside you.

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