Whiskers against domestic violence

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Will not shave through until Christmas after challenged by my team to grow a beard and raise money for a worthy charity.

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Jeremy Thompson

Is this enough to see Pat shave off his beard as well in a show of solidarity? I think that would send a powerful message. Keep up the good work Mike!


Patrick Toomey

Only 3 weeks in and I can't picture you without a beard anymore. Society thanks you for your contribution. Happy to negotiate more donations for a longer duration


Rick Guerini

Great to see you respond Toomey’s challenge by outgrowing his beard with only 2 weeks growth! All for a very worthy cause and very happy to get behind it - lovely work Mr Smith!


Michael Smith


Jason Economidis

Great cause - you will look like your own younger brother when you shave it off..... if you shave it off.....


Ben Daw

I tried growing a beard over lockdown but couldn’t pull it off. Then I tried using a razor instead and that was much more effective. I'll donate more if Pat shaves his!