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Lunch at our house to bring awareness to domestic violence against women; and to show support to my sister and nephews who face their own challenges against this.

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Kim Clinen

Gigi xx


Patrick Clinen


Steve Clinen


Cheyne Ticehurst


Reece Gately

100 % behind you. Unfortunately, this is a great cause; this shouldn't be an issue in the world, but it's something that needs all the attention it can gather.


Elizabeth Clinen

I am so proud of you!!! Your nephews are so lucky to have you as a role model.


Dan Mackenzie

Well done Patrick incredibly important cause.


Ivan Mira

Good on you Pat, domestic abuse is never ok!


Jake Schoer


Jessica Graziano


Michael Breen

Legendary cause mate. Thanks for organising the whole thing and taking on the cause.



Thank you from all women and children that have suffered DV.. We need more men like you.


Nilubon Nikkie Daensamsuan

Hey Pat, good on you bro!


Tia Simpson


Mirjam Roos



My mother also went through this and it needs to stop. Nice work mate 🤝


Kamisha Goburdhun


Eva Hewitson


Jodie Johnson


Estelle Fletcher



Alex Miller-woods

Thank you for being part of the solution in ending domestic violence!


Scott Kennedy

Love your work Pat. Prayers for Lizzie and the boys