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CnK Covers have been gifted the chance to be part of the National Gallery of Victoria’s Design week for 2021 with the theme being ‘Design the world you want’, where we will be launching our first product.

Below is a sample of who CnK Covers is and what we will achieve in order to design that world.

We understand how it feels to stand on the precipice of indecision of our life’s direction and waver at the final hurdle.  Personal freedom!

We care about safety, physical and mental wellbeing, therefore our mission is to activate people’s minds to believe in and value themselves, to feel what it’s like to matter and to be inspirational and unstoppable heroes to both themselves and to those closest to them. 

We know this process starts with the mind. Currently dictated to, living in a constant state of fear and confusion, people need words of encouragement to help them in that exact moment when they are alone in the bathroom, the only place they won’t be followed, as they try to gather themselves from the pain either mentally or physically inflicted upon them.  I know this on a very personal level, as this used to be me.

Once there, victims will wash their face, fix their makeup and touch up their hair, courageously boosting themselves to go back out and face the next few minutes or hours.  For this reason, we have chosen to cover hairspray cans with beautiful art inspired, luxuriously tactile materials.

The product is of a dual purpose really.  The lid can be thrown silently across the room, the can itself can be shaken and gripped as hard as possible to relieve frustration and the words placed inside the can covers are easily hidden.  These words have been constructed to encourage and enhance inner strength so we help our customers foster the courage to not only handle the next few minutes or hours, but to step off the precipice, away from harm, and choose to design the life they truly deserve.

We also know community plays a major role, not only in the moment but via a platform offering constant contact with likeminded people who actively take part in seeking the answers to personal freedom, where physical and mental anguish will no longer exist.  Where victims are encouraged to grow, plans formulated and personal and family transformation becomes inevitable. 

Prevention is at our heart, and this is just the beginning!

We would love White Ribbon to talk at our launch discussing the transformation that occurs once leaving an abusive situation, and the resources available to assist with that transition, along with the power of believing in yourself and using community to help.

Thank you.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Event Information

Saturday 27th March 13:00 - 16:00
The Studio Melbourne

Ticket Price: $15

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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