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I own and run 4 businesses that are all connected to the Weddings & Events Industries - Celebrant Chic Brisbane (Celebrant), Booth Chic Brisbane (Photo Booth), Martini Band (Music) and Chic Brisbane Events (Entertainment Design). We are bookings-based businesses and we want to donate $10 from every booking to one of three charities (White Ribbon, Animals Australia and the Smith Family). Our clients can choose which charity they would like the donation from their booking to go to. We would love to include a short write-up of each charity, a "we support...." logo for each and running tally of our total donations to each on our websites, and also make posts on our social media pages to raise awareness of these causes, and let our potential clients know what we're doing. 

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Saturday 06th March
212/7 Hope Street, South Brisbane QLD, Australia

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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