Metro North Health - DFV Month - Team awareness


Metro North Health - DFV Month awareness for our team


1. Manager Forums (Redcliffe Hospital 10th May 1230-1pm) as thought this would be great place to have a quick information updates and awareness raiser at all Senior leaders- this could then be recorded and sent out to all Line Manager staff. 

2. Looking at online session which would be delivered and recorded so that it can then be shared aross all of Metro North Health's facilities and directorates as a Learning Over Lunch Session. The recorded session would then be incorporated into multiple face to face sessions utilising MS Teams

So, for a short 30min session on Teams: 

Something like "Creating change in our Workplaces with White Ribbon Australia: Information for all staff on the Primary prevention model of White Ribbon to change underlying conditions that enable gendered violence and abuse so that the violence and abuse does not occur.

Dates could be 12 noon on Wednesday 3rd May or Monday 8th May (Lunchtime learning) But really can try and work some other dates if these are not, okay? 

The primary focus for this Month is to highlight DFV as a Health Issue and have staff become more aware and understanding how we are all responsible for R,R,R for DFV whether our patients/consumers or our colleagues/staff.

Event Information

Wednesday 03rd May - 12:30

This venue is accessible for people with disability

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